Bumper balls

The wildest football match

You are equipped with a Bumper Ball, which function like an inflatable safety bag. You can do tricks that you could not imagine possible while playing football. We guarantee lots of smile, laughter and good energy. You can jump on your head, do flips, land on your feet and bump into your opponents – completely unharmed and without being kicked out by the referee. Bumper Balls are for everyone who want to try something different and fun.


Must be ordered the day before

Price 3-10 Years 11+ Years
Bumper balls
30 min / Min. 10 år / 135cm. - Skal bestilles.
- DKK 130,-
Price Price
Bumper balls
8 bolde i 60 minutter.
DKK 1.900,-
Bumper balls
8 bolde i 90 minutter.
DKK 2.700,-